The Software Teaser – Giving Away Free Software To Increase Traffic

Selling software can easily be one of the most lucrative methods to make good money on the Internet. People who use computers are always trying to make their jobs easier or to add more quality to their jobs. That is the reason they are looking for good software all the time, and you can use that as a means to increase traffic to your website.What is a Software Teaser?Also referred to as a trial offer, many marketers “tease” people by giving them demo or restricted versions of the software for free. This allows the person downloading the software to see firsthand the quality of the product before deciding to spend good money on it. These demo versions generally have some features locked or they are timed demos which expire after a predetermined time-frame or number of uses. When that happens, the person using the trial will be prompted to buy the product to make use of it without restriction. For then to do this they must visit your website to make the purchase. This increases your website traffic, once for the download and each time they upgrade or renew.What kind of software is available?People on the Internet like each and every kind of software, even the ones you can’t think of. Or, to put that in another way – each and every type of software on the Internet will find takers. There’s a niche for everything on the Internet, and every niche has at least one person. So, if you have made a software application that will help Grandma remember her recipes or made a software that will help a fisherman with organizing his tackle box of fishing lures, you are going to find people who will be willing to download that and check it out.Where do I get software to offer?There are a couple options to get software. One, if you are a programmer, create it yourself. Many software companies started out this way. You could become the next major software developer for fishing lures. Who knows.Hire someone to create software for you. There are plenty of online sites for outsourcing program creation. Sites like Elance or Odesk offer programmers a place to go to look for freelance offers. There might be a programmer out there waiting for your idea.You do not need to have your own software application either. You could buy the resell rights of software and sell it. There are several creative people on the Internet who like building software but don’t like the marketing aspect of it.These people give away the software they have developed for a price. You can modify these software applications to an extent and in some cases you can re-brand them too. Of course, you sell them at a much higher and enduring price than you bought it for.How do you get more website traffic with software.If you have more than one software package to offer, make sure to include a link to the sales page in other software you are giving away. This could be in the documentation or even in the software itself. Some software companies will place an exit screen which automatically load their website. This increases traffic to your website each time they open or close the program.

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